Madliena Tower – (Ref: pfm130170)

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Madliena Tower


The sun setting behind Madliena Tower limits of Pembroke.


From the Knight’s era to the British military era.

The Madliena Tower is one of several commissioned by Grand Master De Redin in 1658 to safeguard the Maltese coast. This particular tower was one of a line of coastal towers, each built within sight of its adjacent towers so as to facilitate and speed-up communication. Apart from serving as watchtowers, the coastal towers also acted as signal posts: an efficient early-warning system which enabled the town garrisns to be notified speedily if an enemy attack was imminent.

In 1715, a fougasse (a rock-hewn stone mortar) was added to the Madliena tower’s weaponry, so as to better defend the Maltese east coast, should the need arise.Fougasse

During the Victorian era, whilst the Maltese islands were under British rule, the area around Madliena Tower was further developed to accomdate a 64-pounder RML Gun on a circular carriage. Aside from further improving the coastal defences, the Madliena tower was also incorporated into the wider defensive forifications network known as Victoria Lines.

Today the Armed Forces of Malta use the tower to signal a warning whenever military training is underway nearby.


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