The following are some frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) and the respective answers.


Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.

Q: How large are the images ?

A: It all depends on how many images are ‘stitched’ together, and the amount of overlap of each. However on average each image is around 8000px wide at 72dpi.


Q: What are Wide, Wider and Widest image formats?

A: The typical wide format image (like the ones shown in the main page banner) are framed in a 3:1 proportion (3x wide 1x high). Wider images are in a 4:1 and Widest images are in 5:1 or wider.

Tip: When viewing an image post (not from the Media Bar preview mode) you can see if the image is available in wide, wider or widest formats by looking right below the image title at the top of the post.


Q: What do the prints cost?

A: The official price list will be uploaded shortly, but in the meantime please contact me with your requirements and I’ll quote accordingly.


Q: How can these images be used to decorate an office?

A: We can mount a selection of these images on PVC mounting board, and you can either hang it as is for a modern decoration or place it in a frame of your choice.

Tip: These mounted panoramic images make the perfect gift to your directors. Order a selection and present them as Christmas gifts. We’ll also gift wrap and deliver if wish !


Q: I can’t seem to find what I need. How do I look for specific images?

A: You can click on the ‘Portfolio’ link at the top of each page, or you can Browse categories and Search by keywords. These last two options can be found in the Portfolio sidebar.


Q: The images contain a watermark on them. Will these appear on the purchased product ?

A: No, the watermark will be removed from the image you receive, but credits in subtle type will appear at the bottom of the image.


Q: The description on one of the posts is incorrect, can you update it with the right historical detail please?

A: Regret that as much as I enjoy taking shots of these beloved islands I am, sadly, no authority on the historical detail. If you do know the correct information, please comment back with the correction or any other additional data which is of interest, and I’ll be more than happy to update it.

Tip: For any subjective or sensitive material you may provide, the inclusion of a reference to the source of the information is solicited.


Q: Are the images on this website all your original work?

A: Every single one.


Q: Can the images be copied and reproduced in educational projects?

A: The images on this website may only be reproduced for educational purposes as are, complete with the original watermark. Credit and reference to this website would be appreciated. All other forms of reproduction is strictly prohibited unless by written consent by the author (me).


Q: I can’t right click on an image!

A: The images on this website are protected and cannot be reproduced without permission, consequently we have applied measures to deter this action. These images are the result of hours of work and dedication, please play fair.