Bingemma Chapel Of Our Lady Of Itria (Ref: pfm130159)

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Bingemma - Chapel Of Our Lady Of Itria

Bingemma – Chapel Of Our Lady Of Itria

The Chapel of Our Lady of Itria is dedicated to Our Lady of Hodegitria (The Lady of the Way). It was built between 1671 and 1673 by Baron Stanislaw Xara few steps away from another chapel dedicated to the Blessed VIrgin Mary of Itria which was built in 1600 and that was later demolished when the present one was built.

The emblem that appears on the facade (a coat of arms with three trees) is that of Baron Stansislaw Xara. The chapel consists of a church, a small sacristy built alongside the church and a small room over the sacristy. The church today is in the hands of the Missionary Society of St.Paul. Regular services are held for farmers and villagers who still live in these neighborhoods.


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