Fungus Rock in Dwejra – Gozo (Ref: pfm120157)

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Fungus Rock (Gebla Tal-General) in Dwejra - Gozo.

Fungus Rock (Gebla Tal-General) in Dwejra – Gozo.

A panoramic image of the Fungus Rock (locally known as “Il-Gebla Tal-General” – “The General’s Rock”) in Dwejra Gozo, just opposite the popular Azure Window.

A fungus, Fungus Gaulitanus, which grows on the rock had medicinal qualities and this fungus was used by the Knights of St. John. They valued the fungus so much that they guarded the island. A penalty of death was imposed on any one trying to steal the fungus.

Because the cliffs of the island are shear and high, the knights erected a man carrying hoist system between the island and the land, to facilitate the collection of the fungus. The locals call Fungus Rock Il-Gebla tal-General, which means General’s Rock.

The Dwejra tower was built during the reign of Grand Master Anton de Paule in 1651 but was completed during the reign of Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris de Castellar a year later.

After 1744, apart from spying ot Turkish raiders, Dwejra Tower acquired another function that of guarding the Hagret il-General and the supposed medicinal fungus that grew on it.  After 1873 the tower ceased to act as a coast guard and was deserted.


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