Malta Panorama

Malta Panorama

Enjoy over a hundred and eighty stunning and uniquely edited panorama images of Malta and Its surrounding islands. Specialize in panoramic shots and this is my way of sharing my passion with the rest of the world, and to create a better awareness of our unique heritage.

The images displayed on this site are for sale, and can be supplied on an non-exclusive/exclusive basis and in small to large formats depending on your requirements. These can be used for a number of promotional campaigns such as billboards, websites, office displays and more. If you would like a custom panoramic shot which you cannot find in our selection, please do contact me and I’ll try to accommodate.



I certainly do not consider myself to be a historian, consequently rarely do I know the story behind the picture I’m taking. I have tried to give as much details as I could in each of my posts, but I make no claims that these are correct or up to date.

If you feel you can add, update, correct or otherwise contribute to the details shown in these posts, I encourage you to send me your comments so we can make the content richer and more interesting to read through.



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